Shocking Before and Afters! 2 Photos to Remind Myself How Far We’ve Come

This farmhouse renovation has been and continues to be so all consuming that I sometimes lose sight of how much has been accomplished. Emma chastised me Sunday after church when we pulled up outside the house and I just sighed and my shoulders slumped as I thought of all the work left to do. She got a little irritated and asked why I couldn’t see all that work that has gotten done instead. 

With that in mind, I stumbled across this before picture, of the plank wall in the kitchen and I was truly shocked to see where we started. OK, and that’s not even where we started! This is after all the demolition and pulling out the old chimney and pulling off the crappy sheetrock. So I’d say this would be a halfway point. 

I took another picture just now from the same angle (and positioned the dog in the same place) to show just how striking the contrast is and yes, just how far we’ve come! 

This is a picture from January 2013, on the day Emma and I started nailing planks salvaged from elsewhere to the wall, to cover up the patchwork of damaged original walls and the channel where the chimney used to fit.


This is a picture from this morning, 8 1/2 months later, with the plank wall done and pictures and plates hung, new floors, trim work, furniture…and the dog.


OK, I live here and I am still shocked at the difference! I promise to try and stop looking at what is yet to do so often and to sometimes take a look and smile at what has been done. OK, Emma?

Soon enough we will be done with the farmhouse and can turn our attention to starting a small farm at last. 🙂 

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  1. Sharon!!!!! It’s beautiful!!! The work and love, and the hate, cussing, screaming, that went into your home is amazing! You have done fantastic work in a year.
    Love ya <3 xo

  2. If you ever go into the remodeling old farmhouses business, please let me know! I understand that you still have a lot to do (it never seems to end, does it?) but that’s a beautiful transformation you’ve accomplished so far!

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