Nine New Chicks…Surprise!

It has been sooooo crazy busy with the two "situations" that took over my life in March 2022 that I didn't even notice we were one hen short at night. Bob and Emma count chickens when they close up the coop at night. I don't. So imagine my surprise when late one night--after a veeeeerrryyy... Continue Reading →

The Chicken Tractor at Our Small Farm

When I accidentally killed chickens moving the chicken tractor, I whined about it on Facebook. That led to people asking me, "What is a chicken tractor?" There are lots of types of chicken tractors and I hesitated to talk about ours because it's not fitting for what we're trying to do now, but it's all... Continue Reading →


Ten days ago, these little buggers showed up in the mail. They've been in a pen in the barn until tonight when I moved them to the chicken tractor. I didn't want to move them to the chicken tractor tonight! The weather has cooled and it was rainy part of the day and windy all... Continue Reading →

Our Scarecrow Is Only Scaring Me!

We haven't had eggs in 5 weeks. We've finally deduced the crows are going into the chicken coop to eat the eggs. It's time to finally do something about this now that we've identified the culprit(s). Emma's idea for a scarecrow seemed like a great way to fight those dastardly birds, and she worked hard... Continue Reading →

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