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Are you longing for a simpler life? Do you wish you knew basics like how to bake bread? Do sunflowers and piglets make you smile? Then you’re in the right place. Join us on our journey to go from city dwellers to sustainable farmers, with a whole lot of expensive mistakes made along the way!

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Pig Slaughter Day at Our Small Farm

Today is slaughter day at our fledgling farm--pig slaughter day. And so I am in town at a coffee shop as I write this. Because I hate pig slaughter day. I mean, I was a vegetarian for 24 years! Raising pigs for food is a huge about face for me. And don't judge me too... Continue Reading →

Christmas Green: ‘Tis the Season to Say “No” to Waste…and Here’s How We Do It

Merry Christmas!! We hope you and yours are having a wonderful holiday season! As empty nesters, the holidays are still evolving for us, but one thing is certain: We are trying reeeeeaaallly hard not to create extra waste! I remember when my kids were little, the shame I felt as we filled the garbage with... Continue Reading →

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