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Bob and Sharon Ernst, dressed up for a wedding–not in farm attire!

We’re baaaack! After a years-long hiatus for personal reasons I won’t go into, this blog is back…and so is our farm dream. Because yes, Literal Road Farm is still only a dream, not yet a real farm by any means.

But we have big plans for 2023. We’ve been blessed with these 22 soggy acres, and it’s time we made good use of them. Sure, we’ve tried to do so, but lacking in knowledge, experience and funds, we’ve made far more mistakes than we have progress.

All that is about to change, we hope, as we’ve reprioritized my (Sharon’s) work life to make that possible. So join us as we reboot our dream and this blog. 🙂

The beginning of the story…
Newly engaged, we took possession of our property on December 30th, 2011, utterly clueless what lie ahead to renovate this 1890 farmhouse. Granted we got the house for free–it was the acreage we paid for–but it was a much bigger project than expected. Much! So much that it took a toll on our marriage and that led to putting this blog–and other projects–on hold back in 2015.

To get a sense of just how bad this supposed renovation has been, here are three videos that should make your jaw drop:

“Our first time at the farmhouse” — A walkthrough the day we got the keys, so you can compare where we started:

“Here Goes Everything” — 7 minutes that will blow your mind as you see how extensive this was:

“Where’d All the Walls Go?” — A 3-minute clip showing old walls gone and framing going up, a.k.a. progress at last:

Do you see why the farm is still only a vision? I mean, we’re not living through that renovation hell any more, but it was a huge setback to what we really want to be doing which is raising food.

But we still have a desire, a dream and each other, so here’s hoping Literal Road Farm becomes a real farm soon. And until then, it will at least be a great story. Enjoy!

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