Stop with the Sterile Shrink Wrap! How to Cook–and Use–a Whole Chicken

I am working on an article about why we eat so much chicken in the U.S., and in doing so, thought maybe some people could benefit from knowing how to avoid buying the sterile, shrink-wrapped packages of breast meat so sadly prevalent in the modern-day grocery store and kitchen, and opt for a whole chicken... Continue Reading →

The Internet Is Teaching Me to Cook…

I probably spend more time in the kitchen than the average 21st century woman. And I spend much of that time in a 21st century woman. I'm working on correcting that. You see, part of our farmhouse rehab goal is the farm, and getting to the point where we are growing much of our... Continue Reading →

Losing Our Senses and Eating Fake Food: Why Butter Is Yellow and Bread Is White

Judging by the number of Facebook shares and tweets, it seems the post Forgotten Food prompted by Ann Vileisis' book "Kitchen Literacy" got people thinking. I was very glad to see that, because it's by understanding how we got to this place of disconnect that we'll be able to fix our broken food system: Understand the disconnect, then work... Continue Reading →

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