And Rosie Makes Three…Cows, that Is

Just when I thought Scarlett was not pregnant after all, since her due date came and went, she gives birth to a lovely heifer on a cold, wet afternoon in late October. I was on my way to town to have dinner and see a movie with my oldest and I was trying to get the cows to come in before I left. They were waaaaay at the back of the pasture and Dawn was bellowing at me. Sure enough I took a good look and I saw a reddish lump on the ground. I quickly sent Emma a one-word text “Baby!!!” and she knew what it meant and bundled up to head out to help me. Because it was October 26th at 5:00 p.m. and windy and raining and cold and I was not leaving that newborn out in that weather.

So I picked up Rose and Emma ran interference for me as Scarlett kept trying to get her baby back and we made it to the cowshed and got mama and calf into shelter.

Then I changed out of my clothing now covered in afterbirth and mud and washed up the best I could. I didn’t make it in time for dinner, but I did for the movie, although I think I still smelled like afterbirth.

That’s two heifers in a row! If Scarlett is pregnant again now (and I hope Dawn is as well), we could use a bull calf. Just sayin’.

We start on halter training…and she did really well, despite what it looks like in this picture. 🙂
The herd is slowly growing! And that’s fine by us! We aren’t ready yet for the milking part, and goodness knows we still need plenty of fencing and infrastructure!

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