Our Scarecrow Is Only Scaring Me!

We haven’t had eggs in 5 weeks. We’ve finally deduced the crows are going into the chicken coop to eat the eggs. It’s time to finally do something about this now that we’ve identified the culprit(s). Emma’s idea for a scarecrow seemed like a great way to fight those dastardly birds, and she worked hard yesterday putting something scary together. This morning, however, when I went to let the chickens out of the coop, two crows were on the ground in the chicken yard, right near the scarecrow.

Emmas solution to the crow problem scarecrow

Now, I think it’s scary! Since she set it up outside the coop yesterday afternoon, it has given me a fright at least a half dozen times. Every time I go around the corner to go into the chicken yard, I jump, thinking someone is in there.

Not so much for the crows.

My idea didn’t fare any better. My idea was to hang baling twine in the doorway, just above the floor so the chickens would still go in and out, but in the way of crows “flying” in, because I assume they fly in. And we had to have some baling twine, because the whole endeavor just cries out for a redneck touch.


my solution to the crow problem baling twine dangling in doorway

However, my idea didn’t fare any better. I still found broken eggshells in the coop today. The only reason I got any eggs was my audacity in reaching under the girls as they sat in the nesting boxes. And that only netted us two eggs, as well as some serious squawking as they complained.

Next up is killing the crows, I’m sorry to say…not sorry because I feel for the crows. I don’t. They are taking our food. But sorry because before Bob left, he made sure I was proficient with the shotgun, but not the 22. And I really don’t want to go out shooting shot all over and possibly hurting one of our chickens

So next on the list? Getting a tutorial on the 22 from the neighbor, or else asking the neighbor to simply pick off the dang crows!!

Five weeks without eggs is definitely five weeks too long and my patience is all used up. If it takes a 22 to be a success when starting a small farm, I’m all for it.

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