I Never Thought Paint Would Be Such a Big Deal When Starting a Farm! But It IS!

Today I started painting primer on the dining room ceiling. I can’t even express to you what a big deal that is, even though it is the only place in the house ready for paint of any kind. After all the demolition and rebuilding we’ve done, the sheetrock has been a big deal. Truly. But there’s something psychological about paint. Even paint that’s primer. It’s as if you’re on the downhill slope at last!

To celebrate the milestone, I videotaped the dining room before painting, giving a state of renovation and a rundown of what it took to get there:

And after the video? The roller, putting primer on the ceiling.


Putting primer on the dining room ceiling after many hours of demolition and prep work. Such a wonderful feeling!


In a couple of weeks or maybe even as soon as next week, our wood stove will be delivered and installed. The dining room has to be done a.s.a.p., as in all sheetrocked, mudded, taped, sanded, primered, painted. All. I thought the bathroom would be the first room we completed, but apparently heat comes before bathing. 🙂 That’s okay by me! The nights are getting cold!

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