Some Shots of Walls and Progress: Yes, It’s Sheetrock! Yay!

The dining room is the new priority as we get ready for the wood stove to be delivered and installed. So the sheetrock goes up, yay!!


The hubby putting up sheetrock on the dreaded South Wall in the downstairs bedroom…it took us MONTHS to get to this point because we (he!) had to rebuild the wall, so this is a really big deal.


Sheetrock in the mudroom…next up? Hooking up the washer maybe!


The new front door and the new framing of that wall. We had to redo the framing to be 2 x 6 because it was just balloon framing before.


Sheetrock in the kitchen. The framing is for the new window that we haven’t put in yet. So it looks a little funky. But then everything about the kitchen looks a little funky right now! The ceiling is still a mess…


The hole in the ceiling where the chimney used to be…another funky spot in the kitchen.


The new electrical box is in, the old one is GONE! That’s huge!


The dining room ceiling is getting prepped for painting. We had to pull off ceiling tiles, then yank out staples and peel off glued on paper and pull out nails and thumb tacks AND sand…next is primer! Woohoo!


We are only putting sheetrock on three walls in the kitchen. We can’t save the tongue and groove at all in there, but we are going to put planks on one wall.









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  1. Hi Sharon and Bob and Emma. I can’t get over how much has been done in just the past couple of months!!! Way to go!!! Love, Mona

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