How to Start a Farm? Start With the Fences, to Keep Your Horses In!

how to start a farm--start with the fences to keep your horses in
Chase the escape artist.

I love this horse but he gets into everything. I say he’s as friendly as a dog, curious as a cat and stubborn as a mule. Apparently he has taken up a new hobby too: escaping.

This morning, trouble here was loose for the second time in five days. On Friday morning, Bob and Jake found him in the orchard and found where he got through the fence…which they repaired. This morning Bob saw him down the street in the neighbor’s yard, but never figured out how he got out.

I think Chase is trying to tell us that we are at the point where it’s absolutely imperative that we get moved to that farmhouse, no matter the condition it’s in. He can’t speak, but he can escape, and that speaks in a volume louder than words ever could!

If someone were to ask me today how to start a farm and what’s the first thing to do, I’d say fix the fences.

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