Practicing Patience: Waiting to Discover the Fruits Our Orchard Will Bear

One of our big, old apple trees in bloom.

As much as I might whine about battling the neglect, as discouraged as I might be, I can always turn to the orchard for a happy heart.

That is one huge benefit to buying such an old place: old fruit trees! Big, old, beautiful fruit trees full of flowers, birds, bees and character.

I love, love, love those old trees! We even made a point of including blossoms from one of the apple trees in our wedding flowers and on our cake, to have a bit of the farm at our wedding with us.

Our beautiful wedding cake, decorated by friends using apple blossoms from our orchard.

I am not sure what all we have among all those big, old trees. I know most are apple but I am hoping for a couple of pear trees and two small ones on the other side of the house might, just might, be plum trees.

I could research it, using the leaves and blossoms to go online and do a search, so we can know exactly what we do or don’t have in that orchard of ours.

But I decided for this at least, I will be patient and just see. I will simply let those blossoms float to the ground and the fruits begin to form. I am impatient about so many things with the farmhouse and farm, because the progress has been so slow (because the project has been so big!). So for the orchard, at least, I will practice patience, a virtue I suck at and need more of.

It’s (sigh) good for me.

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