It’s not Just a Porch…It’s so Much More!

It’s not just a front porch, it’s progress!

The contractor didn’t want to build the front porch yet, and I know it’s out of order to do so, but it does my spirit so much good to see it coming together! The inside of the farmhouse is still a total disaster, as we are scrambling to get framing done so the electrician can come in so we can start putting in walls and finally get a bathroom! We have open walls—I mean open to the outside!—and lumber everywhere and beams holding up ceilings and messes and general chaos.

So driving up to the farmhouse each day and seeing this front porch coming together, it’s important. It feels like, looks like, progress…something we haven’t felt since starting this project five months ago.

We sit out there to eat lunch on the days we work on the house, picturing the lawn we will someday have and the fence we will someday build. I walk through the front door and out again, pretending we live there, pretending there’s a home to walk into. Sometimes I stand in the doorway looking out, imagining it all done and friends walking towards the steps and up them and onto this front porch for a visit. I’ve decorated it with wicker furniture in my mind and we even added a hanging basket to it this weekend for Mother’s Day. (Thank you, Bob and Emma!)

No, it’s not just a front porch. It’s so much more.

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