Because Rebuilding the Farmhouse Wasn’t Enough…We Added a Rescue Horse to the Mix!

We call our farmhouse project a renovation. You know what our bank calls our farmhouse project? A rehab. I told the bank the project is going to put me into rehab! We have been dealing with the south wall for weeks now, digging deeper and deeper and still finding termite damage and more wood to... Continue Reading →

Practicing Patience: Waiting to Discover the Fruits Our Orchard Will Bear

As much as I might whine about battling the neglect, as discouraged as I might be, I can always turn to the orchard for a happy heart. That is one huge benefit to buying such an old place: old fruit trees! Big, old, beautiful fruit trees full of flowers, birds, bees and character. I love,... Continue Reading →

Radical Homemakers: Will a Challenge to Put Your Home First Make Me Unlikeable?

I sense I’m on the verge of becoming extremely unlikable. Reading “Radical Homemakers” by Shannon Hayes has validated my unconventional thinking and empowered me to start speaking up. But that’s not all. Hayes also has me taking my long-held beliefs to a new level, with a conviction I’ve lacked up until now. And people might... Continue Reading →

“Why Don’t You Just Tear It Down?” Here’s Why We’re Saving the Old Farmhouse

"Why don't you just tear it down"? is a question I hear a lot these days about our farmhouse project. This oft-asked question comes from passers-by, the mail carrier, casual acquaintances in town...even the subs lifting the farmhouse asked essentially, "Why bother?" as they did the job. My family and close friends don't ask this question,... Continue Reading →

“As for Me and My House, We Will Serve Butter” — Why I Cook With Old-Fashioned Fats

My apologies to the book of Joshua for playing with the famous Bible verse, " for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." (Joshua 24:15). But my altered version pops into my head almost daily as I reach for butter when cooking and eating. And it's not just butter I favor. I cook with bacon grease... Continue Reading →

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