The Wedding Is Over, Let the War Begin!!

Don’t worry, Bob and I aren’t warring. We are only 16 days into our marriage, so we are still good, I promise! The post-wedding war I’m referring to in the title is the war on neglect. Whether it’s the farmhouse or the barn or the land, we are constantly battling years of neglect. I understand... Continue Reading →

First Time Butchering Chickens

With the wedding five days away, and the caterer needing our supplies by tomorrow, today was the day to butcher the chickens. We've been raising them for the last couple of months specifically for this purpose. It was Bob's first time butchering, and my first time as well, although I have had to clean out and... Continue Reading →

Radical Homemakers: Will a Challenge to Put Your Home First Make Me Unlikeable?

I sense I’m on the verge of becoming extremely unlikable. Reading “Radical Homemakers” by Shannon Hayes has validated my unconventional thinking and empowered me to start speaking up. But that’s not all. Hayes also has me taking my long-held beliefs to a new level, with a conviction I’ve lacked up until now. And people might... Continue Reading →

“Why Don’t You Just Tear It Down?” Here’s Why We’re Saving the Old Farmhouse

"Why don't you just tear it down"? is a question I hear a lot these days about our farmhouse project. This oft-asked question comes from passers-by, the mail carrier, casual acquaintances in town...even the subs lifting the farmhouse asked essentially, "Why bother?" as they did the job. My family and close friends don't ask this question,... Continue Reading →

“As for Me and My House, We Will Serve Butter” — Why I Cook With Old-Fashioned Fats

My apologies to the book of Joshua for playing with the famous Bible verse, " for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." (Joshua 24:15). But my altered version pops into my head almost daily as I reach for butter when cooking and eating. And it's not just butter I favor. I cook with bacon grease... Continue Reading →

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