Funny Cow Breeds Poster…and Why I Want a Devon :-)

Love this cow breeds poster!! Partly because it’s funny because it includes a Cash Cow and a Holy Cow, but partly because it includes a Devon and that is the kind of cow I would reeeeeaaallly like to have as our breed as we are getting closer to starting a farm (after all of the renovations on the house which are still ongoing and our now renovations of the barn).

The Devon is a heritage breed that came over with the Pilgrims. It was a dual purpose breed, for both milk and meat, but sadly they started breeding two distinct lines in the 20th century. 😦 Still, from what I’ve read of the breed and its hardiness and size, I think it would be the perfect breed for us (the milk one) and I hope maybe next year cows can become a reality for our attempt at a small farm!

cow breeds poster

2 thoughts on “Funny Cow Breeds Poster…and Why I Want a Devon :-)

  1. Hi, I really like this poster and would be interested in buying one. Do you know where/how I can find it? Thanks for any information you can provide.

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