True Meaning of “Hen House”? Our Rooster Needs a Break, It Seems!

With these snowy days, I’ve noticed Rooster Cogburn has a funny habit…one that indicates life in the hen house is hard on a fellow! This photo isn’t very good, but here’s what happens: I open the chicken coop door and the “girls” decide it’s still too cold to go out so they stay inside. But not Cogburn! He’s out the door and under their little rain shelter (an old card table), and there he sits enjoying the peace and quiet. I guess life with 20 females ain’t all it’s cracked up to be when you’re cooped up with them for 14 hours straight! Poor Cogburn! 🙂

free range chickens--rooster escapes the hen house
When our free range chickens think it’s too cold to leave the coop, our rooster can’t wait to get a break from the ladies it seems!

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