Lazy Cats Keep Me Hopping

Lazy cats August 2013I’m pretty sure these three think I don’t have enough to do. That is why they find it necessary to bring dead mice in the house and start devouring them in the dining room, puke on the furniture, spill cat litter all over the mudroom, insist on being fed only an hour after they’ve been fed, and come inside to use the litter box after being outside for 8 straight hours…with plenty of opportunity to do their business outside. Because really, my plate isn’t already full enough (in their minds).

Meanwhile, they sleep the days away, as you see here on our disgustingly ugly garage sale couch (that I won’t get rid of until the farmhouse is done…and this is also my bed until the upstairs gets done and I can move into our bedroom!).

The black one, he at least does his part paying rent almost every day in the form of shrew left on the front or back steps. Not that the shrews are a problem–but at least he shows a little appreciation. And he’s the one who got himself locked in the attic crawl space for 72 straight hours…and didn’t want to come out. He got locked in there on a Monday morning and it wasn’t until the following Thursday morning that he poked his head through the insulation in the kitchen ceiling–where we had yet to cover the old chimney hole–and announced he was ready to get out. Ever since then, I’ve yet to hear mice in the walls. He doesn’t do much, but he at least did that.

I can’t say anything similar for the other two, except the Calico does keep me company as I do chores, following me from barn to chicken yard to clothesline and back again. She’s not at my feet, but she’s usually close by. And I guess the Tabby thinks his job is simply to give and seek love, loudly purring whenever I try to sleep.

If we should decide we need real barn cats as we start a small farm, we’ll likely need to get new ones. Because these three are pretty well set on being lazy house cats…and filling my days with their care.

Good thing I adore them all. 🙂

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