Farm Foto of the Day: Starting on a Stall

Because we’ve had to rebuild the house, we are really far behind on the barn. All we’ve been able to do is clean it out (because it was full up with junk and crappy old hay). We did make room for our hay, at least. But it also floods because the way it was built, the water from outside runs into the barn. OK, we’ll get to that. Someday. For now, we have an OTTB who has lost a lot of weight with our record cold weather, and I kind of thought he wouldn’t do so well on our home-grown hay, and I was right. So he needs to be fed differently from the others, meaning we’ve at least got a start on a stall. We don’t go far when he’s in this little jerry-rigged setup but now we can at least give him the pricey good hay and have him eat on his own. In a few weeks, I hope to have him back to a decent weight again…and I hope we are living in the farmhouse and we can build out the rest of the stalls too. Oh, man, I can NOT WAIT!!!

Starting on a stall...

Starting on a stall…say “hi,” Alvin!! On second thought, don’t. Just EAT. 

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