Farm Photo Blog: Shots From a Late Summer Garden

Starting a farm has proven to be something we can’t even really get to yet because we are having to rebuild the farmhouse. And our summer garden was a disaster because we couldn’t give it enough time as a result. Plus it turns out living in this new place means new dirt, new pests, new garden challenges.

Still, we are only slightly daunted, and I planted some fall seeds finally last night. Below are a few photos of the pretty stuff only, not the grass that’s two-feet tall and trying to take over the garden again, not the thistles, not the weeds…only some pretty little glimpses of what can be…

Chard seeds sprout in the evening sun.
starting a farm
A patty pan squash boldly grows in the hostile environment that is our “garden.”
starting a farm
Found a use for those empty beer bottles! As seed labels!
Another shot of the beer bottle turned garden marker. I love parsnips. They were planted late but I hope we have a long, warm, dry fall and some parsnips as a result!
starting a farm a pumpkin tries
Although the plants in our pumpkin patch flourish, the squash themselves struggle. Here’s one little one making a go of it. Grow, pumpkin, grow!
starting a farm green tomatoes
Some of the tomatoes below reach of the hungry mouths of deer. Hoping summer lasts long enough that our precious little crop turns red! Otherwise, I will be making green tomato relish for the first time. Waste nothing!
starting a farm beet seeds
Another beer bottle marker…and another planted-late, hope-for-the-best fall planting!
Not a garden shot, just Paddy and Cloudy enjoying the evening sun. 🙂

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