Find More of My Old Fashioned Recipes at Tyner Pond Farm’s Blog

local food tomato salad recipe

Find this tomato salad recipe at the Tyner Pond Farm blog, where I’ll be writing about food…when time allows.

In addition to rebuilding the farmhouse and trying to get an actual farm going, I am in the kitchen figuring out how to cook stewing hens and the benefits of lard…in preparation for the day when we have our farm and we’ll want to use the whole chicken and the whole pig. To make the best use of my time, blogs on food and cooking will like appear in this old-fashioned, local food blog instead, written for a farmer friend in Indiana. That way I’m sure to get the blogging done rather than skip it due to lack of time. (Nothing like being accountable to someone besides myself to make sure the task gets done!)

So please be sure to check out the old fashioned recipes and local food findings at the Tyner Pond Farm blog , although you’ll likely find musings on food here too, time permitting. 🙂

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