In the Country, You Need Your Neighbors!

The garden area after we tried to burn it to kill off the grass.

In addition to everything else we are trying to do to save that 1890 farmhouse, we are also trying to get in a garden and to make a safe place for me to work the horses…safe being relative here.

Thank God for country neighbors! My neighbors when I lived at the rental, Debbie and Ron, they saved my butt many times. They’ve saved it once already since we got the farmhouse! Now we are also ever so grateful to our neighbor Alan, who is coming over with his tractor to work land up for us.

Our neighbor Alan and his little one Gunnar taking the tractor another round, helping us get rid of the sod so we can get in a garden.

Most importantly, he has tackled the garden area. Or what will be the garden area. It is all overgrown with grass, so it is a task to get it out. He has been through it twice now and will again when the land dries out some. He worked it, and had us burn it…kind of a comedy of errors watching us out there setting the grass on fire, Bob gleeful with the gas can, me paranoid and overly cautious! But burn it we did, and when Alan saw the smoke, he drove the tractor over and worked the land a second time.

Alan taking the tractor through what will be (I hope) a temporary arena for riding.

We are already into June, so I’ve given up hope of much garden, but I am crossing my fingers that we’ll be able to plant a winter one in July, and we have a greenhouse full of thriving tomato plants and fast-growing pumpkins that we’ll get into the ground as soon as we can.

He has also worked up the ground in the one big flat, semi-dry part of our land that I am trying to use as a temporary arena. He was over Memorial Day weekend, with his little one sitting by his side in the tractor, doing all of this for us simply because we are the new neighbors to him and his lovely wife Gwen. That’s a country neighbor!

Neighbor Alan and his little one Gunnar after doing all that tractor work for us. Thank God for neighbors!

In addition to these neighbors, we have the family down the street that has done a quick repair job on falling down fence when my younger horse pulled down boards and was about to get out. They also, bless their hearts, have captured that same horse when loose and returned him to the pasture. (Yes, fixing the fence is on the list. Just not at the top! I want a toilet!)

We also have John and Carmen across the street. John is a gun dealer, with a workshop full of weapons and ammo. There’s a lot of peace of mind that comes from having him living there, with the house empty right now. And he and his wife are so encouraging, cheering us on and telling us it warms their hearts to see us saving that old house…those words are priceless to us, especially on encouraging days.

If you ever move to the country, you’ll soon discover your neighbors are like family

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